Returning to Work at Rutgers

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You’ve already committed your professional life to making Rutgers a great place to live, work and learn, so it’s only natural that you might consider coming back on a part-time or full-time basis after retiring from the university. While State laws and retirement system regulations do not expressly prohibit retirees from returning to the Rutgers workforce, you should be aware that failing to meet retirement system rules upon returning to work can have very serious implications for your retirement benefits, including invalidating a bona fide retirement and requiring retirees to pay back any retirement benefits which were already received.

If you are considering coming back to Rutgers in any capacity after you have begun drawing down on your State retirement benefits, you are strongly encouraged to talk to your prospective hiring manager, as well as the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits to ensure that you meet all rules and regulations established by the State of New Jersey.