Retirement Checklist

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In order to assist you in establishing a smooth transition from workforce to retirement, University Human Resources (UHR) has prepared the following checklist which may be used in planning for your retirement. Please note that the information presented below is intended for illustrative purposes only, and you should check with your department supervisor and divisional / departmental policies to determine if any other special requirements may exist.

Please note: This checklist will reset each time you visit the page. For a printable Adobe .pdf copy of the checklist, click here.


Before You Leave:

Taking the following steps prior to retirement (time and circumstances permitting) will help facilitate a smooth transition for your retirement:


When You Leave:

The following steps will help ensure an orderly transition of functions:


Special Circumstances:

The following are additional steps that should be taken if you have specific access to University property and financial resources.


Special Materials:

If you work directly with Hazardous or Controlled Materials, these additional steps may be required.