Other Benefits

Athletic Events

Contact the Ticket Office at 732-445-2766 for special rates to Rutgers University-New Brunswick Scarlet Knights athletic events. For information on Rutgers Scarlet Knights Athletics, visit the website.


Rutgers bookstores are open to the public. For more information, call 732-246-8448 in New Brunswick, 973-353-5377 in Newark, or 856-968-1200 in Camden.

Bus Transportation

Retirees are eligible to ride the Campus Bus System in the New Brunswick area. Call 732-932-7817 for more information or visit the Transportation Services website.

Defensive Driving

The Rutgers University Department of Fire and Emergency Services offers a National Safety Council defensive driving course that provides an auto insurance discount to drivers who successfully complete the program. The discount remains in effect for 3 years and is renewable by retaking the course. Check with your auto insurance company to ascertain the amount of savings. To register, call 732-445-4902.

Dining Halls

Retirees may use the university dining halls by presenting their Retiree Photo ID Card. For information about dining services, visit the Dining Services website.

Email Account

Retirees with at least 10 years of pension-credited service at Rutgers University may be granted access to a guest email account, which includes a listing in the Rutgers online directory. In order to establish a guest email and NetID, retirees must be sponsored by a full-time Rutgers faculty or staff member. For access to the online application, sponsoring departments should visit the Campus Computing Services website.

Golf Course

Retirees may use the Rutgers golf course by presenting their Retiree Photo ID Card. Reduced rates are available during the week. Call 732-445-2631 for more information or visit the website.

Learning Resource Center

Retirees can take advantage of all Learning Resource Center services, including tutoring for college courses, assistance in developing time management, and other academic strategies, free of charge. For more information, call 856-225-6442 (Camden), 732-932-1660 (Cook/Douglass), 732-932-1443 (College Avenue), or 973-353-5608 (Newark).


Retirees may use their Retiree Photo ID Card to obtain library privileges.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University (OLLI-RU) is for individuals over 50 who are looking for an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn in an engaging environment, and meet new friends. OLLI-RU offers noncredit education that is stimulating, friendly, and informal and there are no tests and no grades! You will be part of a learning community that is full of diversity, insight, wisdom, intellectual and cultural stimulation, and friendship. For additional information, visit the OLLI-RU website.


All retired Rutgers-New Brunswick faculty or staff members are eligible to receive a Retiree Parking Permit at no cost. To obtain the permit, you must present Transportation Services with a Rutgers Retiree ID Card or a letter from your department chair/director verifying retirement. Retiree permits received must be renewed every two years, at which time any and all citations received must be paid before receiving the new permit. Please call 732-932-7744 for more information. Newark and Camden retirees should contact their campus parking office: (Newark) 973-353-1818, (Camden) 856-225-6137.

Professor Emeritus

To qualify for the Emeritus designation, full-time legacy Rutgers professors must meet any one of the following criteria: retire with a minimum of 10 years of university service, or have a minimum of 5 years of university service plus a sufficient number of years in a professional capacity with an accredited university or college totaling at least 10 years. Designees will receive an Emeritus certificate from the president.

Recreational Facilities

Retirees may use recreational facilities by presenting their Retiree Photo ID Card. A user fee may apply for some activities. For more information call 732-445-0462, (New Brunswick), 973-353-5474 (Newark), or 856-225-6197 (Camden).

Retiree Photo ID Card

To obtain your Retiree RUconnection Card, your retired status must be verified by University Human Resources in the HCM system. For more information, please contact the RFSA, visit the RUConnection Card Office website, or send an email to IDquestions@aps.rutgers.edu.

Rutgers Club

Memberships are available for all retirees (currently $25 per year). Special events are held before and after certain RU games. For more information, call 848-932-7139.

Rutgers Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Services are available upon presentation of the Retiree Photo ID Card. Call 848-932-3020 or visit the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program website for more information.

Rutgers Federal Credit Union

Retirees may retain their accounts in the Rutgers Federal Credit Union and may join even if not previously a member. For more information, call 732-932-7645 (College Avenue), 732-445-3050 (Busch), or 973-353-1353 (Newark) or visit the credit union website.

Senior Citizen Audit Program

This special program was created by the Rutgers University Board of Governors to permit retired New Jersey residents, age 62 or older, to attend courses on a space-available, noncredit basis. There are no tuition costs for auditing courses. For more information, visit the University Relations website.

Tuition Remission

Retired employees may qualify for tuition remission for themselves and their dependent children if they retired from a full-time, regularly appointed legacy Rutgers position under the terms of a university retirement program after 25 years of Rutgers employment, or after attaining age 60 with a minimum of 10 years of Rutgers employment. Consult the University Policy Library for details.

University Condolence Fund

This special fund made up of voluntary contributions, is used to express sympathy on the passing of active or retired employees. In addition to sending memorials to honor and remember the deceased, the university flag on Old Queen’s Campus is flown at half-staff and a sympathy note on behalf of the university community is sent to families. Notification of a colleague’s death and information on arrangements for the service may be made by calling 732-932-5661.

Note: The above are brief summaries only and no promise of any kind is made by virtue of any statement in this document. The benefit plans available at Rutgers and the provisions of those plans will continue to be determined by law, contract, and University policy.